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Artists and Labels

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Distribua suas músicas

Edite suas obras

Ferramentas de I.A.

Aceleração de artistas

and much more


A different approach to music

We are building a new community of independent artists and labels, with a different look at music and the artist.

Worldwide music distribution and publishing, with marketing and analytics tools 100% controlled by the artist or label to launch and promote their work.

What we offer

         Digital distribution

Distribute your music to platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, Tidal, Beatport, Claromúsica and much more.

          Your own dashboard

Have full control of your music  through our platform, being able to distribute, make changes and have access to all product information at any time.

          Social media support

Monetize your music on social media like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, WeChat, QQ Music and other platforms. Get support for best practices and profiling checks.

          Music Publishing

Explore the potential of your musical works with a global territory edition and representation in more than 20 countries, to facilitate any negotiation of synchronization in TV, movies, games and wherever else your music is requested.

Shake Music

for Artists

  • Conteúdo Premium

  • Assistente de Marketing I.A.

  • Plataforma de Pitching

  • Comunidade

Independent for real

  • Flexible Contracts

  • Artists and labels selected by our curation

  • The artist owns everything

  • The artist has the final say

A&R that serves

the artist

  • Pitching for platforms and partners

  • special auditions

  • songcamps

  • Sync Opportunities


Our Playlists

Our playlists, 100% curated with music distributed by Shake, serve as a showcase to reveal new releases and artists, serving as a platform to promote our talents.


Get in touch

Our A&R team will listen to songs and review labels that get in touch - we'll be happy to hear from you.


a Milk Music company

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